Associate Degrees

Grace College Detroit offers a two-year associate degree through The Henry and Frances Weber School. Providing you with a quality Christian college education closer to home while preparing you to complete a bachelor's degree in the future.

The Henry and Frances Weber School was developed to provide opportunities for students from all backgrounds and income levels to receive a quality, biblically based education without having to make sacrifices. Students attending the Grace College Detroit Weber School will work toward a two-year associate degree in General Studies (Liberal Arts). Students with a General Studies degree will receive a little bit of everything from history to politics to arts and communications.

An associate degree comes with several benefits:

  • Complete a bachelor’s degree at Grace: Starting your education at The Weber School allows you to transfer to Grace College's main campus in Winona Lake, Indiana. Find out more.
  • Transfer to the school of your choice: Many associate degree programs correspond directly to larger university programs and fulfill about half the credit requirements of a bachelor's degree. Many four-year colleges or universities prefer to accept a candidate with an associate degree instead of one with only some college credit since degree completion shows that the student can follow through.
  • Earn more money: According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2005, the median lifetime earnings for individuals with associate degrees are 28 percent higher than median lifetime earnings for high school graduates.